Hong Kong Airlines cut jobs
Hong Kong Airlines Potential Suspension

Hong Kong Airlines Cuts 400 Jobs

Hong Kong Airlines will be cutting 400 jobs, the cash strapped airline is being concurrently hit by the effect of coronavirus and prolonged protests in Hong Kong. In addition, the remaining staff will be asked to take at least 2 months of unpaid leave or work 3 days per week from 17th February to 30th June.

At present, Hong Kong Airlines has a headcount of around 3,500. This slash, which represents about 10% of its workforce, will likely be targeted at pilots and cabin crew first, as the airline further shrinks its operations.

Hong Kong Airlines Potential Suspension

By 11th February, Hong Kong Airlines will just have 30 flights per day (down from 82 flights). It will be operating its final US flight to Los Angeles today, while its remaining long-haul flight, between Hong Kong and Vancouver, will be discontinued after 10th February.

“Everybody is p****d off with the pay cuts if we work 3 days a week. The pay cuts are more than the leave we are taking,” said an employee.

Based on an internal memo, the three-day workweek for office staff is equivalent to a 50% pay cut for deputy directors, 40% for managers and above and 30% for assistant managers and below.

In the meantime, just two days ago, Cathay Pacific has also asked its employees to take 3 weeks of unpaid leave, over the next three months. The airline will be cutting 30% of its capacity worldwide – this includes a 90% cut to Mainland China

H/T: South China Morning Post