The air traffic control tower at Chicago’s Midway International Airport is temporarily closed for cleaning, after three FAA technicians working at the facility were tested positive for the virus.

For the moment, a ground stop has been ordered; where all inbound flights cannot take off to land to land at Midway Airport. The airport still remains open, but it is operating at a reduced rate. As of 22:00 local time, at least 181 flights had been cancelled.

As explained in the FAA statement, the airport traffic system has multiple backups in place. Air traffic services are now being moved from Midway to the Chicago Terminal Radar Approach Control facility.

AP: Chicago Midway Airport control tower
Air Traffic Control Tower at Midway International Airport. Source M.Sprecer Green via CNBC

In the meantime, the FAA has ordered the facility to be disinfected; it is also pushing all employees working in the air traffic control tower for immediate testing.

Flight capacity at Midway International Airport will be reduced until the cleaning is complete.

Feautred Image: Wikipedia