It's been crazy lately. We are experiencing an unprecedented time in human history.

Over the past few weeks, I have received many questions, wishes and comments from readers and followers; asking me how the coronavirus has impacted my own travel life and whether it will have an impact on my blog & vlog.

No doubt I have been impacted by the crisis; but it is insignificant compared to those who are currently ill or in bad health, who are on unpaid leave or have lost their job.

After all, travel and flying is a passion for me, but obviously not a necessity.

How The Coronavirus has Affected My Own Travel Plans?

In March, several conventions and exhibitions, such as the Aircraft Interior Expo at Hamburg, Germany and Airline Route Asia 2020 at Chiang Mai, Thailand, were cancelled. I was planning to attend these conventions and report back on the latest travel products and trends.

I was planning to visit Vietnam for the first time in my life; to try out Bamboo Airways B787 from Hanoi to Prague, which would be Bamboo Airways' first long haul flight to Europe. The launch is currently postponed.

I had made plans to fly from LAX to Fiji on Fiji Airways new A350, but as the situation has taken a nose dive in the US recently my plan has been cancelled. Fiji just had their first case of COVID-19 and is suspending all international flights.

Once normalcy returns, or some semblance of it, I am hoping to try out some new airlines such as SAS, Fiji Airways and Bamboo Airways. I am also hoping for a trip to Kenya, to fly on some of the last remaining B727, DC-9 and Fokker 27!

My Advice On Getting Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

First, I strongly advise against any non-essential travel. With the demand haven fallen nearly 100%, airfares have became very low and attractive. There are also many more tempting award seats that have opened up. However, as the situation remains fluid, the risk of getting stuck is high and a lot of unexpected factors may be currently in play.

For example I was hoping to get back to the UAE next week, where I reside, but the UAE government suddenly announced that they are closing the country for 14 days, even barring residents from returning. Emirati citizens are allowed to return, but they are banned from going overseas.

During any hard time, I often get through it by turning to my hobby and passion; which is aviation

With flying no longer a viable option, I am keeping myself busy with many things; such as sorting the die-cast aircraft models I collect, working on my upcoming Air747 book and getting in touch more with my family and friends. Most importantly, spending quality time with my parents here in the US (and yes, this includes many trips to Costco or the grocery store to buy food and supplies).

During any hard time, I often get through it by turning to my hobby such as die-cast models

How is The Coronavirus Affecting My Blog and Vlog?

This blog has been doing extremely well, in part due to the coverage of COVID-19 news. My team of editors are continuously on the look out to report any developing news. You can receive updates by subscribing to my newsletter here.

Given my current stand against non-essential travel, the Youtube Content will switch to more news and hobby related items; including a live session early next week (and perhaps more every week). I have filmed a few interesting vlogs, such as a behind the scenes look at the Airbus factory, inside the Rolls Royce engine factory and Airplane Super Collector etc; so there will be enough content for the next 2 months.

I remain optimistic and believe there will be an end soon, as humans are resilient and resourceful.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all your support. Stay safe and we will get through this crisis together.

Travel Advisories

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