British Airways Executive Club is now offering 50% bonus Avios when you purchase at least 1000 Avios. If purchased by today (22nd March) you will be able to buy each mile at 1.20 Euro cents. Here are the details:

  • Depending on your registered address in your account, you will be either offered Euro, USD or Pounds.
  • You will get the cheapest rate (1.20 euro cents) if you are being offered in Euro.

As recommended by Health Officials, now is not the time for non-essential travels. Nevertheless, we can satisfy our itch for holiday by planning ahead. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, we recommend you to consider buying Avios:

  • You want to travel First and Business Class at a fraction of the price for future travels
  • You have expiring Avios or insufficient Avios to redeem any flights
    (Avios expire 3 years after the last Avios transaction).

Click here to purchase your Avios.

Is it Worth Buying Avios?

Previous PromotionCost in Euro Cent/Avio
Now – 50% Bonus1.20
Dec – 30% Bonus1.39
Nov 2019 – 50% Bonus1.20
August 2019 – 45% Bonus1.24
May 2019 – 50% Bonus1.20
Feb 2019- 50% Bonus1.20

Comparing to past promotions, British Airways is now offering the best price for Avios purchase.

Some of the best ways to spend your British Airways Avios is to redeem Premium Cabin flights on i) Intra-Asia routes on Oneworld member Airlines and ii) Intra-Europe routes on British Airways, as other options come with a high surcharge. Here are some of the sweet spots on which to redeem your British Airways Avios:

a) Hong Kong to Tokyo (4hrs) on Japan Airlines Business Class at 22,000 Avios – €264

b) Singapore to Hong Kong (4hrs) on Cathay Pacific Business Class at 22,000 Avios – €264

Click here to purchase your Avios.

If you have any other great redemption ideas, do drop a comment below.