LATAM B777 And B767 Collide in São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport

LATAM B777 And B767 Collide in São Paulo Guarulhos Airport

Yesterday, a LATAM Brasil Boeing 777 collided with a B767, of the same airline, at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport.

According to Aeroflap, the B777-300ER (PT-MUB) was being towed in a remote area of the airport when it collided with the B767-300ER (PT-MSS). The incident was due to a coupling failure on the pushback vehicle.

Aeroin says that the B777 was being towed to perform engine tests, in order to keep the aircraft airworthy. A very common procedure when aircraft have been parked up for a while.

In the different images, it is possible to see that the wing of the B777 collided with the right horizontal stabiliser of B767. Both aircraft suffered severe damage.

a close up of an airplane wing
B777 wing (Photo by Aeroin )

“During the towing procedure in the Guarulhos airport courtyard this Sunday morning (24th), two aircraft of the company B777 (PT-MUB) and B767 (PT-MSS) collided with the ground. The company points out that no employee was injured and the causes of the incident are being investigated.”

LATAM statment to Aeroin

This is the third time in one month that this type of incident has occurred.

Feature Image by Aeroin