Qatar 747 Private Jet Sale
Qatar 747 Private Jet Sale

Qatar Ultra Luxurious 747-8 Private Jet On Sale

The Qatari Royal Family has listed a lavishly-fitted Boeing 747-8i on the market. The aircraft, registered A7-HBJ, is being sold with a mere 1069 total hours. Check out the ultra-luxurious finishings in this plane.

Key Features

  • Five galleys (with elevator)
  • Two private en-suite bathrooms
  • Master bedroom, capable of being repurposed for medical evacuations
  • Grand central staircase
  • Spacious offices and meeting rooms
  • Large business lounge with card tables
  • Passenger capacity of just 89 (a standard B747-8i can carry up to 605 passengers)

The aircraft is being sold by AMAC Aerospace in Zurich, where it has been parked since June, according to fleet data. Despite owning an additional two private B747’s, neither the seller nor the Royal Family have provided any clarification as to why the aircraft is being sold. The same family previously sold a similarly-equipped B747-8 to Morocco in 2010.

Qatar private jet upper deck lounge
Upper Deck Lounge. Picture: AMAC
Qatar private jet staircase
Foyer and staircase
Qatar private jet master bedroom
Master Bedroom

Technical Specifications

Serial Number37075
EnginesGeneral Electric GEnx-2B67/P
Fuel Capacity191 tons (382,000 lb)
Maximum Take-Off Weight447.6 tons (984,929 lb)
Cycles (Number of Pressurisations)297
Range (B747-8 Intercontinental)14,800 km (7,991 nautical miles)
Length76.25 metres (250 ft)
Wingspan68.45 metres (224 ft)
Height19.35 metres (63 feet)
Combined Thrust66,500 lbf (Pound Force)
Qatar private jet meeting room
Business Class club seating
Qatar private jet entertainment room
Entertainment room


The aircraft’s seller does not detail specific security systems. However, the US Department of Defence gave Northrop Grumman approval to sell missile defence systems for B747-8i aircraft. In the report, published by FlightGlobal in September 2019, Northrop Grumman sought approval for the installation of its LAIRCM system; in which incoming homing missiles are detected and deterred with a strong laser.

Northrop Grumman Receives $200 Million Infrared Countermeasures Systems Order
LAICRM Laser Defence. Picture: Northrop Grumman

This advanced system was purchased by the US Air Force in the months prior to the sale to the Qatari Royal Family. The US aquired the system for $200 million, for an unknown number of aircraft. The LAICRM system is installed on over 1,500 aircraft worldwide.


AMAC Aerospace has not provided an exact price for the aircraft, likely owing to the high-profile current ownership status. A basic B747-8i will cost $418.4 million, however, this aircraft will likely retail for a significantly higher price.

Qatar private jet cabin diagram
Cabin diagram

Editor’s Note: A third-party associated with the aircraft’s broker has since requested all media outlets to remove the original high-resolution photos. We have complied, and apologise for the low resolution and heavily-watermarked photos now appearing in the article.

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