The world’s largest turboprop aircraft, AN-22 of Antonov Airlines, recently performed the charter flight from Ostend, Belgium to Istanbul, Turkey delivering some urgent cargo.

The cargo was required for the repair of a part of the pipeline between Turkey and Cyprus at sea depth for about 400m; this included a special container with a winch for such kind of work with total weight up to 30 tones.

For the loading and offloading of this oversized and heavy container special loading equipment, designed and manufactured by Antonov Company, was used.

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Loading of the urgent cargo into AN-22 aircraft at Ostend airport, Belgium

The flight was arranged and AN-22 aircraft was positioned for loading in less than 24 hours after confirmation of the charter.

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Successful delivery of the special container with winch to Istanbul, Turkey

The flight was chartered by SkyAir Shop Aviation Services Serkan Dikmen company.

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“Our team did its best to meet the customer’s requirements on urgent delivery and support him on all stages of preparation and performance of the charter flight in such short term.”

Andriy Blagovisniy, Commercial Director at Antonov Airlines