Lufthansa COVID Test
Lufthansa COVID Test

Lufthansa has tightened their face-covering restrictions, this has meant tightening the criteria for exceptions to the rule. For those who hold a medical exemption, a verbal expression of this will no longer be sufficient.

From 1st September, the following must be provided to Lufthansa if you cannot wear a mask:

  1. A signed medical certificate, indicating that you have a condition which means wearing a mask is impractical or inappropriate
  2. A negative result on a COVID-19 test, which must be issued within 48 hours of travel

These rules will apply to all Lufthansa Group airlines, including SWISS, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, SunExpress, Brussels Airlines, Edelweiss and Lufthansa.

Passengers are tested for COVID-19 at Dubai International Airport
COVID-19 testing is mandatory for arrivals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The airlines in the Lufthansa Group have already introduced compulsory masks on board their flights, since the beginning of May. This rule still applies to everyone over the age of 6, without an illness that deems masks inappropriate.

Exceptions to this rule were previously only possible with a medical certificate.

“This ensures maximum safety for the passengers travelling with them… The new rules on the compulsory wearing of masks now ensure even better protection for all passengers,”


Unlike many US airlines, which have imposed a blanket mask rule (including banning those who don’t comply), Lufthansa is attempting to ensure that infected passengers cannot board without a mask.

A copy of the Lufthansa medical certificate is available here.