An Omni Air Boeing 767-300ER suffered a landing gear collapse at Bucharest Baneasa airport. The 24-year-old aircraft, registered N423AX, was operating a charter flight from Kabul, Afghanistan to Washington, DC. The stopover in Bucharest was a refuelling stop.

At 14:53 local time, the B767 landed on Runway 07. Approximately two seconds later, AvHerald reports that the left main gear collapsed. The aircraft skidded along the runway for about 1000 metres (3280 feet) with its left engine making direct contact with the runway.

Omni AIr Gear Collapse
Picture: AvHerald/AeroInside

After stopping on the runway, the escape slides were deployed from the right side of the aircraft. 49 passengers and 15 crew members were onboard, but no injuries have been reported.

Following the incident, which occurred on 28th August, a NOTAM indicates that the runway remains closed.

Omni Air is an airline headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They specialise in chartered military transport. An almost identical indecent occurred in Los Angeles on 19th August, involving a FedEx B767-300 Freighter.

Feature Image: AvHerald/AeroInside

Bucharest Airport METAR:

LRBS 281300Z VRB04KT CAVOK 31/08 Q1011 NOSIG=
LRBS 281230Z VRB02KT CAVOK 31/08 Q1012 NOSIG=
LRBS 281200Z 04005KT 360V090 CAVOK 31/08 Q1012 NOSIG=
LRBS 281130Z 08004KT 020V160 CAVOK 31/08 Q1012 NOSIG=
LRBS 281100Z 18003KT 100V230 CAVOK 31/09 Q1012 NOSIG=
COR LRBS 281030Z VRB03KT CAVOK 30/11 Q1012 NOSIG=
LRBS 281000Z VRB03KT CAVOK 30/11 Q1013 NOSIG=
COR LRBS 280930Z 10006KT 040V140 CAVOK 28/11 Q1013 NOSIG=
COR LRBS 280900Z VRB03KT CAVOK 28/11 Q1013 NOSIG=
LRBS 280830Z 04005KT 350V160 CAVOK 28/11 Q1013 NOSIG=