Emirates First and Business Class Lounge Dubai
Emirates First and Business Class Lounge Dubai

Latest Update on Emirates First and Business Class Lounges in Dubai

I recently flew with Emirates and visited their Dubai lounge. Here are the latest updates on the lounge scene.

Emirates Business Class lounge is currently open in concourse B. The lounge in Concourse A and C are currently closed. Most flights are departing from concourse B, which means the lounge isn't far away.

Emirates Business Class Lounge

a man standing at a reception desk with a couple of people wearing face masks
a statue of horses on a table in a room with a man sitting on a bench

Apart from the social distancing requirements in place in the seating area, and improved hygiene overall, perhaps the most positive part is that the lounge buffet is back at the Emirates Lounge. However instead of serving yourself, you tell the lounge staff what'd you like and they will serve you at the buffet station. As a buffet fan, I am happy to report that the selection on offer is similar to pre-pandemic days.

a person standing in front of a food booth
a row of pots on a counter
a woman wearing a face mask and gloves serving food

Most of the single items like sandwiches, fruit and desserts are now pre packed and served individually.

a tray of food in plastic wrap
a buffet with food on it

There were also a lot of staff around in the lounge, they were busy sanitizing the tables and the surroundings after each time they were used.

a sign on a table

Emirates First Class Area

Currently, very few First Class passengers are flying. In light of this Emirates have closed their First Class lounge, they have however opened a private section, dedicated for their First Class passengers, inside the Business Class Lounge.

a man and woman wearing face masks standing at a podium
a sign in a room

In fact, you may recognize the furnishings. They have relocated the First Class lounge furniture, so that the First Class area retains some familiarity with Emirates frequent flyers.

a table with plates and glasses on it
a sign on a table
a close up of a menu

There is a dedicated kitchen and staff to serve First Class customers in the dining area. Emirates have retained the same service standards as was previously found in the First Class Lounge.

a group of chefs in a restaurant
a man sitting at a table with food and drinks
a table with plates of food and glasses of champagne

The famous Moët & Chandon champagne bar is now also part of the First Class area, offering 4 unique types of Moet champagne.

a room with a bar and chairs
a group of bottles of champagne in a bucket of ice
a person holding a bottle of champagne

There is also a dedicated rest area for travellers who have longer connections in Dubai.

a chair with a pillow on it
a blanket in a plastic wrap

The lounges are currently quiet, given the lower numbers of travellers, but I was happy to see some semblance of normality returning. (i.e. the buffet and dining service).

I feel that these enhanced measures and changes in the lounge have inserted some confidence back into airline travel. Long gone are the days of crowded lounges, the lounge was a pleasant experience and I very much enjoyed my stay. I asked the lounge staff about the situation and they mentioned that, if the number of travellers begin to increase, they do have options to open up more lounges to provide more comfortable spaces for travellers.

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