Emirates Shower Bar
Emirates Shower Bar

Trip Report: What’s Changed on Emirates Flight?

I recently flew with Emirates for the first time since the pandemic, let's have a look at what's changed onboard with Emirates.

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My flight was from Zurich to Dubai on flight EK88 in Economy Class, but the crew was kind enough to show me what changes they have also made in First and Business Class.

The Emirates Lounge at Zurich Airport was closed. In fact, the mid-field terminal E at Zurich is completely closed and all international flights now arrive and depart from Terminal A/B. There is no dedicated lounge for Emirates passengers at the moment.

You must present a negative COVID PCR test in order to be able to fly to Dubai. However, you may not need the test if you are transiting through Dubai. Click here to see the full requirements.

The flight was very empty, with only about a 20-30% load factor, and it was operated by a B777-300/ER.

a man wearing a mask on his face
a man in a mask on an airplane

The crew came around and gave every passenger a travel hygiene kit, this kit contained 5 sanitizer wipes/gels, 2 gloves (in different sizes) and 2 masks.

Blanket and pillow now came in wrapped and sealed.
Blankets and pillows now come wrapped and sealed.
The crew now wears not only mask, but with visor and covered in PPE.
The crew now wears not only a mask, but also a visor and are covered in PPE.

Economy Class

Most of the services have been retained on-board, including the food and beverage services. Beverage choices included water, soft drink, juices and beer in sealed package or cans. The only exception was wine, which the crew poured into plastic cups.

Emirates Drink Service in Economy Class
Emirates Drink Service in Economy Class
a person wearing a mask and a face mask standing in an airplane

No major changes in the meal, except that the appetizer and dessert had plastic covers on them. The only items that were missing were the cheese and crackers.

Business Class

In Business Class, the crew set up an individual table with linen, cutlery (which now comes in a plastic cover) and offered each passenger an individual bottle of water. The wine and champagne were still free flowing, but the crew are not allowed to serve any open mix drinks (cocktails).

The 3 course meals are served in one tray with the food covered, accompanied by hot bread sealed in plastic.

Emirates Table Service in Business Class
Emirates Table Service in Business Class

First Class

In First Class, the meals are also served on a single tray, to reduce interaction, instead of being served course by course. Yes, Emirates are still serving caviar!

Emirates Dining Service in First Class
Emirates Dining Service in First Class
a white round container on a white plate
a table with food on it

The duvet and mattress were both sealed. The crew are making every effort to reduce contact points where possible, as a consequence of this they are not able to make up the bed for you anymore.

Dubai Arrival Procedures

Before landing in Dubai, all passengers are required to fill in the following health declaration form.

Click here for up-to-date step by step Dubai arrival procedures.

a close-up of a document

Emirates First and Business Class Lounge Dubai

If you're flying Emirates out of Dubai, check out the latest Emirates First and Business Class lounge offering here.

a woman wearing a face mask and gloves serving food

Video: Latest Emirates Flight Offering