Alaska Airlines Wing
Alaska Airlines Wing

Man Climbs Onto Alaska Airlines B737 Wing

A man has been arrested after illegally climbing onto the wing of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER in Las Vegas.

Alejandro Carlson, 41, spent thirty excruciating minutes on the wing before falling onto the tarmac below. After exploring the wing, Carlson removed his shoes and proceeded to unsuccessfully attempt to climb the B737’s winglet.

Passengers onboard flight AS1367, from McCarran Airport to Portland, were stunned when Carlson appeared to even pose for photos amid his bizarre stunt. Local police have confirmed that he was not a passenger, but had instead climbed over the airport fence.

Armed with khaki pants and a fanny pack around his waist, Carlson’s performance came to an abrupt end when he slipped off the aircraft winglet.

Alaska Airlines has confirmed in a statement that the aircraft did not sustain any damage, although it was thoroughly inspected by engineers at the gate.

“The aircraft was preparing for take-off when the pilot noticed an individual advancing towards the aircraft. The pilots notified the tower. Law enforcement was dispatched and was able to apprehend the individual.”

Alaska Airlines statement

Carlson was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. Afterwards he was booked into the Clark County Jail for trespassing and disregard for public safety, according to ABC News.

Feature Image: Twitter/ErinInWA