A British Airways Boeing 787-8 (G-ZBJB) suffered a nose gear collapse while parked on a remote stand at London Heathrow Airport. The nose gear of the aircraft was seen collapsing, leaving the front tip of the plane resting on the ground. The full extent of the damage is not known exactly, but images on social media show the plane tilting forward while crew members rush to solve the situation.

A British Airways spokesperson said that no passengers were onboard, as it was a freight service. The spokesperson said “A freighter aircraft has been damaged while stationary on stand. As a freighter-only aircraft, there were no passengers on board".

The Boeing 787-8 was last recorded to be carrying out a flight from Moscow on June 16th, before the incident took place, according to RadarBox.

This was also one of the airline's first batch of Dreamliner planes, after BA started operating B787-8s in 2013.

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch had sent a team to London Heathrow Airport to begin an investigation.

Photo: via Twitter/@MZulqarnainBut1