The aviation landscape has changed so much since the pandemic, including many ultra-long-haul routes being suspended. In this post, we share the current top 10 World's longest non-stop flights in the world.

Singapore Airlines Flight SQ23 is currently the World's longest non-stop flight, operated from New York JFK to Singapore Changi, lasting around 18 hours and 50 minutes. This flight is operated by an Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft.

The 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights in the World in 2021

*Note that all routes are ranked by "great circle" distance.

1.  New York JFK-Singapore, Singapore Airlines SQ23

     First flight: November 9th 2020

     Flight distance: 15,349 km (8,288 NMI)

     Flight time: 18 Hours, 50 Minutes

     Aircraft: Airbus A350-900ULR

Singapore Airlines recently changed the longest flight to/from New York/JFK Airport. This flight used to operate to/from Newark in the past.

2.  Los Angeles-Singapore, Singapore Airlines SQ37

     First flight: November 2nd 2018

     Flight distance: 14,144 km (7,621 NMI)

     Flight time: 17 Hours, 50 Minutes

     Aircraft: Airbus A350-900ULR/ A350-900

3.  San Francisco-Bengaluru, Air India AI176

     First flight: January 9th 2021

     Flight distance: 14,004 km (7,562 NMI)

     Flight time: 17 Hours, 45 Minutes

     Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR

4.  New York JFK-Manila, Philippine Airlines PR127

      First flight: October 29th 2018

      Flight distance: 13,712 km (7,404 NMI)

      Flight time: 16 Hours, 40 Minutes

      Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

5.  San Francisco-Singapore, Singapore Airlines SQ33

       First flight: October 23rd 2016 

       Flight distance: 13,593 km (7,340 NMI)

       Flight time: 17 Hours, 35 Minutes

       Aircraft: Airbus A350-900ULR

6.  Johannesburg to Atlanta , Delta Airlines DL201

      First flight: August 1st 2021 

       Flight distance: 13,581km (7,333 NMI) 

       Flight time: 16 hours, 20 Minutes 

       Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

7.  Dubai-Los Angeles, Emirates EK215

       First flight: October 26th 2008

       Flight distance: 13,420km (7,246 NMI) 

       Flight time: 16 hours, 20 Minutes 

       Aircraft: Airbus A380-800

8.  Doha-Los Angeles, Qatar Airways QR739

       First flight: January 1st 2016

       Flight distance: 13,367km (7,218 NMI) 

       Flight time: 16 hours, 25 Minutes 

       Aircraft: Airbus A350-1000

9.  Toronto-Manila, Philippine Airlines PR119

      First flight: February 2nd 2019

      Flight distance: 13,230 km (7,144 NMI)

      Flight time: 16 Hours, 20 Minutes

      Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

10.  Dubai-Houston, Emirates EK211

       First flight: December 3rd 2007

       Flight distance: 13,144km (7,097 NMI) 

       Flight time: 16 hours, 15 Minutes 

       Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR

Future Long-Haul Flights

Two more long-haul flights have been announced, one each by Qantas and Singapore Airlines. The flight details of these flights are as follow:

Darwin-London Heathrow, Qantas QF1/QF9

    First flight: November 1st 2021

    Flight distance: 13,872 km (7,490 NMI)

    Flight time: 17 Hours, 25 Minutes

    Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Once this flight begins operation, the Qantas Darwin-London Heathrow flight will become World's fourth-longest flight.

Vancouver-Singapore, Singapore Airlines SQ27/29

    First flight: December 2nd 2021

    Flight distance: 12,821 km (6,923 NMI)

    Flight time: 17 Hours, 50 Minutes

    Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

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