Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking; please make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened, your tray tables are stored away and your aviation meme pages loaded, as we’re about to take off into the humorous world of aviation memes!

Today we’ll share our favorite jokes reposted on the Instagram page @aviationhumor.

New instrument pilots – Squid Game

Anyone, who has been through instrument training knows the struggles of holding patterns. The difficulty of holding patterns resembles the difficulty of the 2nd game in the TV series “Squid Game“.

The all new dyson jet engine!

We have all heard about Dyson hairdryers and vacuum cleaners, but recently the British company has also unveiled their newest invention: The full bypass Dyson Jet engine! With 100% efficiency, this electric-powered engine will literally “blow” the other engine manufacturers away!

The favour.

Ahh yes, that moment when a friend asks you to buy a coke for them at the store and you get to choose something for yourself too… All that’s missing now is Bill Gates to be my friend and him to ask me the same question. Gulfstream here I come!

What would you buy?

We got the boogie insight!

Investing in speed cameras and police vehicles is so old school! If fighter jets would patrol the roads speeding cases would drop instantly.

757 or 737MAX ?

Everyone will have their own opinion on this, so let me know what’s yours! For me, I like the charm that the long pencil-shaped-looking plane has!

Say goodbye to gym memberships!

Why hit the gym if you can just become a Boeing pilot instead? But all jokes aside, does any pilot care to comment?

Pilots at airport coffee shops

Barrista: “And what’s your name?

FO: “My name’s John but you can just write Fleet Chief …

Anytime now…



And last but not least we present to you one of the most iconic aviation memes ever! Have you ever heard anyone use the “I’m a pilot” phrase?

Do you know any other cool jokes or memes, feel free to share in the comment below.