Boeing 777X Deliveries Delay to 2025 - Mixed Response from Airlines
Boeing 777X Deliveries Delay to 2025 - Mixed Response from Airlines

Boeing 777X Deliveries Delay to 2025 – Mixed Response from Airlines

On Wednesday, Boeing confirmed that the delivery of its first 777X would be pushed by yet another year, with the first delivery expected in early 2025, as stated in the manufacturer’s Q1 results for 2022.

Initially intended to deliver the first 777X in 2020, the program has now been delayed by five years as Boeing clarified that it would take longer for the Boeing 777X’s certification.

777X Production Pause

In addition to the delay in delivery, Boeing said that it will pause the production of the 777X jets in Everett in 2023 to avoid building up more inventory. This will add up to approximately $1.5 billion of abnormal costs beginning in the Q2 of this year and continuing until 777-9 production resumes. However, no jobs will be lost due to this temporary halt.

“To minimize inventory and the number of airplanes requiring change incorporation, we’re also adjusting the 777-9 production rate ramp, including a temporary pause through 2023.”

Boeing CEO, Dave Calhoun

Boeing’s CEO further said that the production pause is necessary as the manufacturer may need to rebuild and rework on those airframes. The US planemaker has already built 20 777X airframes for its customers, excluding the four flight test aircraft, anticipating a quick certification by the end of 2023.

As reported by Simple Flying, tracking the BOE Family flights, the 20 Boeing 777X airframes that are already built are destined for the following airlines.

  • Emirates x9
  • Lufthansa x5
  • All Nippon Airways x3
  • Qatar Airways x3

Response from Airlines

The Boeing 777-9 completed its maiden test flight in January 2020, and the 777X program has so far received orders for 334 777X jets. Unsurprisingly, Emirates is the largest customer with 115 of the type on order. Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines sit second and third with 74 and 31 aircraft on order respectively.

Although some of the customers haven’t reacted much to the delay of the 777X program, probably due to the pandemic, this isn’t the case with Emirates, the largest customer. Emirates is counting on the 777X to replace some of their aging B777-300/ER models.

Speaking to Airline Ratings’ Andreas Spaeth in February, Emirates President Sir Tim Clark had expressed his frustration over delays with the 777X Program, and he even talked about canceling those jets.

“Honestly, if it goes beyond 2023, and it goes on for another year, we probably cancel the program. What else can we do? We can’t continue the way we are. Boeing really needs to get their act together and get this aircraft sorted.”

Emirates CEO, Speaking to Airline Rating’s Andreas Spaeth

Commenting on this latest delay, journalist Andreas Spaeth reported that there wouldn’t be any cancellation for the time being. However, Sir Tim Clark further said that the airline’s patience isn’t indefinite.

Last year, Lufthansa’s CEO seem to be pleased with the delay of the Boeing 777X program as the airline recovers from the pandemic era. The carrier’s CEO Carsten Spohr clarified that Lufthansa would remain committed to the 777X program.

We stand by our 777-9 orders. We think it is the right aircraft for us, especially now that it is coming later.”

Lufthansa CEO, Carsten Spohr

Lufthansa currently has 20 777-9 jets on order, down from 34 initially ordered, as 14 of those were converted to options in November 2019. The German flag carrier had planned to replace its Boeing 747-400s with the 777X twin jets with a one-in-one-out policy. However, the airline didn’t comment on this latest delay to the 777X program.

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