As most Boeing 747 operators have retired the "Queen of the Skies" many are wondering if they will ever be able to fly onboard this iconic aircraft again.

We have put together a comprehensive list of airlines still operating the Boeing 747 passenger model. List subject to further updates.

Air China

Air China, the flag carrier of the PRC, still operates passenger B747 aircraft.

In addition to operating the older -400 variant, Air China also operates the newer -8 Intercontinental model. An additional 747-8I aircraft is used for VIP and governmental transport.

Air China B747-400 climbing out of Beijing
Air China B747-400 climbing out of Beijing
Air China is still operating at least one B747-400 in the fleet (Reg B-2447)
Air China is still operating at least one B747-400 in the fleet (Reg B-2447)

Asiana Airlines

South Korea-based Asiana Airlines operates just one 747-400 in a passenger configuration (the remaining 10 airframes are all freighters). In its passenger configuration, Asiana's 747 features eight Premium Business Class seats in the nose.

Asiana Airlines B747-400
Asiana Airlines B747-400

HL-7428, the 24-year-old passenger model is the last B747-400 passenger model active in the fleet.

Korean Air

Korean Air has 10 747-8 passenger model in the fleet. The Korean Air B747-8 currently flies between Seoul and Honolulu. It will also be deploying B747-8 between Seoul and Los Angeles on daily basis from July 1.


As the largest operator of the 747 in the world, Lufthansa continues to use the aircraft as its long-haul workhorse. The German airline operates 27 passenger-configured 747s (eight -400 and nineteen -8).

Lufthansa B747-400 currently fly from Frankfurt to Vancouver, Toronto, Boston, Orlando, Mumbai and Bangaluru. I flew it in January from Dubai to Frankfurt.

Lufthansa B747-8 currently flies from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Mexico City, New York JFK, Washington D.C., Miami, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Delhi and Tokyo.

Mahan Air

Tehran-based Mahan Air has been operating their sole 747-400 (reg EP-MEE) between Beijing and Tehran lately.

Mahan Air used to fly the world's last B747-300 passenger model but the plane have not moved since 2021.

Mahan Air B747-300 Business Class
Mahan Air B747-300 Business Class


Rossiya, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, currently operates four 747-400s (Reg: RA-73286, RA-73288, RA-73289 and RA-73290) with five others parked. The registration of its B747 has changed to RA- since the war broke out in February.

The airline makes use of its 747s on regular domestic flights between Moscow and Sochi every day.

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