This is a sponsored post by Skyshirts.

A lot of people have asked me where to buy quality airline-themed t-shirt? My answer is to go to Skyshirts. Here are 10 airline t-shirts that I love wearing!

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10 SkyShirts I Love

Here are some of the Skyshirts I love wearing. Most of them feature my favourite airplane; the Boeing 747

In July 2020, I had the honor to attend the last Qantas B747-400 retirement in Mojave, Ca. I wore the Qantas 747 Wunala and 747B shirt by Skyshirts.

Get your own design!

You can even ask Skyshirts to design your favourite airline and airplane shirt. I did just that!

In 2018, I was invited by Singapore Airlines and Boeing to attend the first B787-10 delivery ceremony in Charleston, SC.

Skyshirts came up with a cool limited design. Everyone including Singapore Airlines CEO loves the shirt.

In 2014, I wore a specially designed "Air Koryo to the World" T-shirt in North Korea Aviation Tour.

About SkyShirts

Skyshirts is run by Bryant Petitt. He started this business as a hobby, not knowing it would grow into the Skyshirts of today!

As an airline employee and afficionado back in the old days, Bryant searched for memorabilia and t-shirts with little luck.  So he decided to create his own t-shirts, with a handful for sale.  Today, Skyshirts have over 250 constantly changing shirt designs. From the first shirt in 1986 to our latest, the quality has only gotten better. The shirts are first quality USA-made Fruit-of-The Loom, Gildan, and Hanes.

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This is a sponsored post by Skyshirts.