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10 Largest Airlines in 5 Major U.S. Cities

In this article, we delve into the largest airlines at some of the busiest city airport systems in the United States. Here’s the top 10 airlines for New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Honolulu.

New York City’s Largest Airlines

In New York City, United Airlines takes the lead with a staggering 1,304,000 monthly seats, mainly centered at Newark Liberty. Delta Airlines and JetBlue follow closely, shaping the competitive environment with their significant presence at New York – JFK and La Guardia International Airport.

S. No.AirlinesAverage Monthly Seat CapacitySeat Capacity Breakdown
1United Airlines1,304,0001,218,000 (EWR)
86,000 (LGA)
2Delta Airlines1,282,000666,500 (JFK)
552,500 (LGA)
63,000 (EWR)
3JetBlue718,000508,500 (JFK)
124,500 (LGA)
85,000 (EWR)
4American Airlines687,000310,500 (JFK)
298,500 (LGA)
78,000 (EWR)
5Spirit Airlines220,000120,000 (EWR)
100,000 (LGA)
6Southwest Airlines122,000LGA
7Air Canada68,00032,500 (LGA)
30,000 (EWR)
5,500 (JFK)
8British Airways57,00042,000 (JFK)
15,000 (EWR)
9Avianca Airlines54,000JFK
10Virgin Atlantic41,000JFK
a white airplane on a runway
United Airlines B787-9

Los Angeles

On the West Coast, Southwest takes the lead with 689,000 monthly seats, distributed across four airports in Los Angeles.

Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines also play pivotal roles in the city’s air travel, with operations at multiple airports including Burbank and Ontario International.

S. No.AirlinesAverage Monthly Seat CapacitySeat Capacity Breakdown
1Southwest Airlines689,000253,000 (LAX)
175,000 (Long Beach)
155,000 (Burbank)
106,000 (Ontario)
2Delta Airlines546,000506,500 (LAX)
27,500 (Ontario)
7,000 (Long Beach)
5,000 (Burbank)
3American Airlines489,000438,000 (LAX)
36,500 (Ontario)
14,500 (Burbank)
4United Airlines444,000418,500 (LAX)
13,500 (Burbank)
12,000 (Ontario)
5Alaska Airlines220,500177,000 (LAX)
28,000 (Burbank)
15,500 (Ontario)
6Spirit Airlines141,000130,000 (LAX)
11,000 (Burbank)
7JetBlue121,000112,500 (LAX)
5,000 (Ontario)
3,500 (Burbank)
8Volaris54,00046,000 (LAX)
8,000 (Ontario)
9Hawaiian Airlines32,00026,000 (LAX)
3,000 (Long Beach)
3,000 (Ontario)
10Air Canada31,000LAX
a group of airplanes parked on a runway
Airlines Tail at LAX

Chicago’s Largest Airlines

In Chicago, United Airlines dominates with 892,000 monthly seats, followed by American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Chicago O’Hare and Midway serve as crucial hubs for these carriers. However, both United and American Airlines exclusively operate out of Chicago O’Hare Airport.

S. No.AirlinesAverage Monthly Seat CapacitySeat Capacity Breakdown
1United Airlines892,000O’Hare
2American Airlines528,000O’Hare
3Southwest Airlines521,000456,500 (Midway)
64,500 (O’Hare)
4Delta Airlines81,00067,500 (O’Hare)
13,500 (Midway)
5Spirit Airlines67,000O’Hare
6Frontier Airlines42,00023,500 (Midway)
18,500 (O’Hare)
7Volaris28,00014,500 (Midway)
13,500 (O’Hare)
8Air Canada16,000O’Hare
9Alaska Airlines13,000O’Hare
American Airlines receives first Airbus A321neo
American Airlines first Airbus A321neo.

Miami’s Largest Airlines

As a major gateway to the Americas, Miami is one of the busiest city airport systems led by American Airlines with an impressive 1,091,000 monthly seats.

Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, and Delta Airlines also contribute significantly to the city’s air traffic, operating across airports like Miami International, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

S. No.AirlinesAverage Monthly Seat CapacitySeat Capacity Breakdown
1American Airlines1,091,000971,000 (Miami International)
63,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
57,000 (West Palm Beach)
2Spirit Airlines375,000313,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
56,000 (Miami International)
6,000 (West Palm Beach)
3JetBlue291,000208,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
65,000 (West Palm Beach)
18,000 (Miami International)
4Delta Airlines282,000117,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
104,000 (Miami International)
61,000 (West Palm Beach)
5Southwest Airlines223,000150,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
51,000 (Miami International)
22,000 (West Palm Beach)
6United Airlines175,00074,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
64,500 (Miami International)
36,500 (West Palm Beach)
7Frontier Airlines67,00032,500 (Miami International)
19,000 (West Palm Beach)
15,500 (Fort Lauderdale)
8Air Canada54,00034,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
17,000 (Miami International)
3,000 (West Palm Beach)
9LATAM Airlines46,500Miami International
10Avianca35,00033,000 (Miami International)
2,000 (Fort Lauderdale)
airplanes parked at an airport
Miami International Airport


In the Pacific region, Honolulu’s air travel market is led by Hawaiian Airlines, offering an average of 256,000 monthly seats in and out of Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

Southwest Airlines and United Airlines followed Hawaiian, highlighting the city’s importance as a key hub for various carriers connecting the Pacific and beyond.

S. No.AirlinesAverage Monthly Seat Capacity
1Hawaiian Airlines256,000
2Southwest Airlines116,000
3United Airlines64,000
4Delta Airlines43,000
5Alaska Airlines34,000
6American Airlines23,000
8Japan Airlines17,000
9Air Canada, WestJet7,000
10Korean Air6,000
a plane at an airport
First ANA A380 in Honolulu

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