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Air Serbia Embraer ERJ-195 Severely Damaged During Take Off

On 18th February 2024, an Air Serbia Embraer ERJ-195 was severely damaged after reportedly hitting runway equipment on departure in Serbia.

The Marathon Embraer ERJ-195 on behalf of Air Serbia, with registration OY-GDC was operating flight JU324 from Belgrade to Dusseldorf. Flight JU324 had lined up runway 30L for departure. However, the aircraft started its takeoff roll at taxiway D5, and overran the end of the runway before becoming airborne.

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The aircraft became airborne about 1100 meters/3600 feet past the runway end, as reported by the Aviation Herald. It climbed through 50 feet AGL about 2600 meters/8500 feet past the runway end and stopped the climb at 4000 feet.

The leased aircraft sustained substantial damage to its fuselage and left stabilizer after striking obstacles beyond the runway during takeoff.

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Image via Aviation Herald

Initial Reports

Initial reports suggest the flight may have used an intermediate taxiway instead of the designated runway 30, significantly reducing the available takeoff distance. Additionally, claims of using the wrong intersection to enter the runway further raise questions about runway length sufficiency.

Despite the limited distance, the pilots attempted a climb but reportedly at a lower altitude than expected. Unfortunately, this maneuver wasn’t enough to avoid overrunning the end of runway 30L. Reports indicate the aircraft struck approach masts of the opposite runway before the pilots managed to turn back towards Belgrade.

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Image via FlightRadar24

Following the incident, the crew brought the damaged aircraft back to Belgrade, landing safely on runway 30L approximately 55 minutes after takeoff. While everyone onboard escaped injury, the incident caused disruptions, with several inbound flights diverted to other airports in the region.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the incident, and further details are expected to emerge as the investigation progresses.

Following the occurrence the ILS of runway 12R was downgraded from CATIII to CATI.

Featured Image via the Aviation Herald