5 Redundant Airline Cabin Crew and Their Life Changing Stories

In 2020, life changed so quickly for many of us. Many in the aviation industry will never forget how they felt when they received that dreaded email, informing them they wouldn’t be flying any longer!

Last week, I met a few former airline cabin crew who have persevered during these difficult circumstances; they have shared their stories with me of how they began their own businesses. In turn, I am sharing their inspiring stories with you here.

First, we met with Muhammed in his Turkish durum restaurant. Then, we met Zoe with her boutique swimwear brand; The Neod. Next is Treats by Dhish, she creates aviation-themed cupcakes and treats. Then we met up with Jasmin in her beauty salon; Giovanni Salon. Last, we met up with Weiwei at her home, she is setting up her furniture business. Each of them has a compelling story to tell. It is through their passion and love, they started their new business and new phase of life.

I hope you have been inspired by reading their stories, maybe it might give you some motivation to take on a new challenge yourself. It is the passion and love that has propelled these people to start their own business at a challenging time. They have all battled to overcome their different initial start-up challenges, but I am sure there is a long way to go from here. Let's re-visit them in a year's time.