Flying on World’s Only Antonov An-38 and An-140 – Rare Props of Antonov

Antonov made over 22,000 airplanes in the world. Apart from the world’s strongest and biggest An-225 Mriya, An-124 Ruslan and An-22 Antei. Antonov have made over 18,000 propeller airplanes. Many of them are still actively flying include some of the less well known models.

I have flown on Antonov An-28, An-38 and An-140. These planes are very rare and in the case of An-38 and An-140, there is just one active flying sample in passenger airline service.

Both An-28 and An-38 are STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft with impressive short field performance. I traveled on An-38 from Polyarny, Udachy to Mirny in Siberia with Alrosa Airlines. Then I flew An-28 with Siberia Light Aviation (SILA) from Irkutsk to Zheleznogorsk - Ilimsky. My An-140 flight was from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine to Minsk in Belarus. Each of these journey was unique with distinct sound of prop engines. Watch the video to see these unique flying samples of Antonovs.