A Special Farewell Flight of Hi Fly A380

Hi Fly operated their last A380 flight and I was the only passenger onboard this special farewell flight. I was the only passenger invited on this special flight.

We departed Beja, Portugal for Toulouse. Immediately after takeoff, the A380 performed several fly-bys to farewell her base and the crowd. The A380 flew at very low speed and high speed fly-bys and pulled some "Gs" like performing at an air show. Then we proceed to the Atlantic Ocean to draw a "heart shape" to so thank you to the A380 before proceed to Toulouse, France where she was built 14 years ago. I toured the empty cabin on both upper deck and lower deck. The crew served a light lunch before landing. The CEO of Hi Fly, Paulo Mirpuri explained the meaning behind the special paint "Save the Coral Reef".

The weather improved upon arrival at Toulouse so we flew over the airfield to salute the A380 before a final stop landing. Farewell Hi Fly A380 "Save the Coral Reef"

The Hi Fly A380 was significant, according to Captain Carlos Mirpuri. Due to the nature of charter, the Hi Fly A380 flew to many airports that had never received an A380 before. It was the first to land in Wuhan, China, following the coronavirus outbreak to repatriate European citizens.

Recently, it completed a round the world humanitarian mission, which lasted four days, starting and ending in Beja, Portugal. It covered 31,047 kms in a flight time of 33 hours and 45 minutes, with stops in Tianjin and Santo Domingo. And it was the first A380 to land in:

• Beja (23/07/2018) • Oslo (2/08/2018) • Reunion (25/08/2018) • Diass (14/04/2019) • Antananarivo (30/06/2019) • Cairo (7/07/2019) • Caracas (14/07/2019) • Buenos Aires (23/07/2019) • Dalaman (23/09/2019) • Enfidha (24/09/2019) • Las Palmas (27/09/2019) • Santo Domingo (16/05/2020)