How 2020 Has Changed Aviation and the Airline Industry?

2020 is a year we want to forget, but we will not forget!

This video captures top aviation moments in 2020. Aviation started the year on a high, we saw Boeing 777X made its maiden voyage in January. But at the same time, China got hit hard with Coronavirus and it is spreading fast at an alarming rate. Aviation came to the rescue, with flights to repatriate citizens back.

Then we saw a systematic lockdown across the world with thousands of planes grounded in an unprecedented way. Many jobs have been lost… With most of passengers flight grounded, it almost broke the logistic chain. The demand for cargo was also unprecedented. We saw every airline flew on cargo mission to carry mask, PPE and other medical supplies using passenger planes.

Then summer came, things are easing and many countries have opened up, I have the opportunity to fly again and I want to record and document what airline has been doing in response to covid. Many airports suffered badly with up to 90% drop in traffic, the terminal is like a ghost town. Airline has started to enroll passengers using their biometric data, so your eyes and face became your boarding pass. The Boarding process has also changed.

A lot of airlines are providing hygiene and wellness kit onboard to the customer. You can see flight attendant wearing mask and glove, some even dressed in PPE. Initially, airlines resorted to provide only box meal to passengers in a bid to reduce contact, to lower cost, and also due to some catering supply were down at outstations. I am glad to report that most airlines have now returned to their usual service level with everything sealed or wrapped.

What’s breaking every aviation enthusiast's heart is the retirement of the 747s. KLM, Qantas, British Airways all decided to bring forward their retirement date. COVID also posted an uncertainty on the world’s biggest airplane A380. A380 became a casualty of the downturn. At last, some good news. The covid vaccine is out. The timely transportation of vaccines will be aviation’s next challenge!