Air Canada B787 Cross Country – Why are Airfares so High?

After 3 days of raw aviation megafun with Buffalo Airways at Yellowknife, NWT. I am “back to the present” and flew out on Air Canada CRJ900 to Calgary. The CRJ even has a Business Class product. An impressive hot meal was served on the 2 hours flight.

I overnighted in Calgary and flew on Air Canada B787-9 Dreamliner to Montreal the next day. The Air Canada lounge in Calgary has decent food selection. I met with two other Canadian traveler there, and they told me the airfare within Canada are sometimes higher than flights to Europe.

My flight out of Calgary was delayed by an hour due to a late inbound flight. Once onboard Air Canada B787, the crew showed me the cockpit and the pilot crew rest area on the B787. A course-by-course full lunch was served onboard with a printed menu and paired wines. The Air Canada B787-9 also features Premium Economy Class.

At the end of the 3.5 hrs flight, I highlighted two observed issues with aviation in Canada.

1. The airfares are high. I was redeeming miles to fly for better value.

2. No refund to canceled flights during the pandemic. Given the current high airfare and inflation, the voucher value is unlikely to hold.