Caribbean Rare Birds – World’s Last Fokker + Smallest 3 Engine Plane

I flew on 2 very rare aircraft in the Caribbean. Join me flying the World’s last-built Fokker 70 and the World’s smallest 3-engine airplane; Britten-Norman Trislander.

The Fokker 70 flight is operated by Jet Air Caribbean from St Maarten to Curacao. Join me in visiting the flight deck of the Fokker 70 and the pilot spoke about the plane's performance. The 27-year-old classic plane has some unique engine sound. We departed Princess Juliana St Maarten Int’l with a quick takeoff and climb. During the flight, I explored the roomy cabin and spoke with the friendly crew. Join the cockpit for landing in Curacao.

My next flight is onboard Anguilla Air Services Britten-Norman Trislander. This is the world’s smallest three-engine plane with less than a dozen currently airworthy. My flight was operated by a single pilot; Kyle. The flying time from St Maarten to Anguilla was just 10 minutes with scenic views of both Islands. We did a touch-n-go and flew back to St Maarten with a nice approach over Maho Beach.