The New Hawaiian 787 Dreamliner + First Plane Bellanca Pacemaker

I flew on the new Hawaiian Airlines B787 Dreamliner and their first airplane; Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker on the same trip. The 2 planes are 95 years apart which shows aviation has come a long way in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787s feature a total of 300 seats, including 34 business class suites and 266 economy class seats. My flight is from San Francisco to Honolulu, this is the inaugural Boeing 787 flight into Honolulu with a lot of festivities onboard. Explore the inflight service, soft product, the Leihōkū Suites and extra comfort seat onboard Hawaiian B787.

Enjoy a scenic landing into Honolulu Airport with great views of the Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach and Honolulu downtown, followed by a 45-degree turn and a manual landing.

My next flight takes me back 95 years, the historical Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker made history by introducing commercial air service to the Hawaiian Islands.

The aircraft first launched with a series of sightseeing flights around Oʻahu. It sparked enough curiosity among locals and visitors to convince the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company board to expand its footprint into aviation. One month later, on Nov. 11, 1929, Inter-Island Airways was inaugurated, which later became Hawaiian Airlines.

I am glad to experience this truly historical plane, which still flies high over the Hawaiian skies ninety-five years later.