COVID-19: Repatriation Flights and Cargo Operations

In the last few weeks, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, unique and unusual repatriation flights have been carried out all over the world.

Aviation is racing with time to bring back stranded citizens and urgent medical supplies to save life. People work in aviation right now is really showing BEST of Humanity.

The video start with footage from EL AL on a repatriation and rescue flight from Peru to Israel. Then I interviewed the Chief Cargo Officer of Qatar Airways and Chairman of National Air Cargo Inc on current status with air cargo industry. They explained why Air Cargo have been so busy and why there are needs to operate more cargo flights even using passenger planes.

The video cover more repatriation and urgent cargo flights bringing medical supplies and equipments by United, Delta, Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish, Lufthansa, Bamboo Airways, Nepal Airlines, Air India, Garuda Indonesia, Ethiopian Airlines and many more airlines not mentioned here.

I am making this vlog to highlight the importance of these missions and pay tribute to the people who work in this critical time to serve and save the world.