Etihad A380 – World’s Best First Class?

The king of the skies - A380 is back at Etihad. I sampled some of the finest First Class premium experiences onboard Etihad A380 from London to Abu Dhabi.

Etihad A380s were grounded and stored in Teruel, Spain. Earlier this year, the airline made an announcement that 4 of its A380 will be returning to service flying between London and Abu Dhabi. The Captain gave a thorough briefing of the flight and how the crew has to re-qualify to fly on the A380. Enjoy the takeoff footage from the cockpit.

Etihad has 9 First Class apartments in unique seating configurations. The best seat is window seat 4A and 4K with forward facing. During the flight, I sampled their First Class offerings of pajamas, amenities, food, and beverage including caviar and steak cooked to my liking. The ottoman can be converted into a flatbed while you still have space. This unconventional design makes the Etihad First Class apartment stand out. I was even offered a shower at 39,000 feet.

Before landing, I have an opportunity to visit The Residence which is a 3-room suite with your own living room, bathroom and bedroom. After the flight, I gave my full verdict on Etihad A380 First Class.