Mid Air Encounter with Turkish Airlines Plane- How Did We Fly So Close?

Get ready for an epic journey above the clouds! Join me for a very close encounter with the magnificent A350 and B787 of Turkish Airlines in mid-air. This video discovers how an epic air-to-air photo shoot of Turkish Airlines A350 and B787 is made over the skies of Istanbul.

Starting the day at dawn from a hangar at Istanbul Airport, the AirBorneFilms crew were busy preparing for the photo shoot. At 8am, we took off in the chase plane, a TBM 700 and flew above the Bosphorus Strait over Istanbul city. A Turkish Airlines A350 suddenly appeared and flew very close to us side by side. Onboard our chase plane, film Director Eric and the pilot are constantly in touch with the Turkish Airlines pilots for the best photo positions. A gimbal is mounted below the wing of our chase plane to capture 360 degrees of view.

In the afternoon, I boarded a Turkish Airlines B787 to participate in the second part of the photo shoot. The pilot flew the B787 in orbits and slowed down to 160 knots for the best filming. The end result was stunning from both shoots. At the end of the flight, the filming crew explains the key to capturing a successful air-to-air photo shoot.