Flying American and United 737 MAX – How Airlines Are Bringing the MAX Back?

I flew with United B737 MAX 9 and American B737 MAX 8 recently in the US on domestic flights. This video details the flying experiences of 737 MAX since grounding.

My United 737 MAX 9 flight was from Miami to Houston. The pilots talked about the cockpit of the 737 MAX, the MCAS and system in general. I reviewed the MAX passenger cabin and spoke about my thoughts on flying the 737 MAX.

My American 737 MAX 8 flight was a quick one from Orlando to Miami. I met up with aviation journalist Chris Sloan in Miami. He flew the first 737 MAX flight since grounding in the US on American B737 MAX 8 from Dallas to Tulsa. He visited American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center in Tulsa. Pilots of American talked about how they were trained to fly the MAX with the updated cockpit software and MCAS system. The engineers talked about how long it takes to update each MAX and re-activate the plane from grounding.

Chris also shared stories behind the scenes on how Boeing was rushed by customers to build the MAX instead of a clean sheet narrowbody airplane.