The Current and Past Air India B747 Flying Experience

This is a video of two distinct Air India B747 Flying Experience. First, I flew with Air India 10 years ago from Jeddah to Mumbai via Hyderabad on their B747-400. Later, Anthony Toth re-created the classic Air India B747-200 onboard experience in 2020.

In the video, I shared my trip onboard Air India B747-400 First Class from Jeddah to Mumbai. There are photos of Air India B747-400 modern-day cabin and its onboard service.

Anthony Toth from Pan Am Experience had spent much of his 2020 to re-create the glorious past of Air India B747-200 retro flying experience. Every details was taken care of in the process of re-creating the experience. The whole B747 was decorated up to the 1970 decor. Wallpaper, seat fabrics, tray liner, glassware, dining-ware, packaging, coaster, menu and everything else resembled Air India in the 1970s.