Flying Inside the World’s Only Flying Hospital MD-10

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is unlike any plane I've seen before!

A state-of-the-art teaching facility complete with operating room, classroom and recovery room – all housed on board an MD-10-30.

I am delighted to follow Orbis on a trip to Ghana to see first hand how the Orbis team transform lives by preventing blindness and restoring eyesight. This amazing aircraft has been an example of the marriage between medicine and aviation! This third incarnation of the Flying Eye Hospital can fly nearly twice as far as its predecessor and requires only two pilots rather than three.

I have witnessed first hand how Orbis team operate while in Ghana to prevent blindness and restore eyesight. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing this beautiful world in your own eyes. It was one of the most meaningful weeks in my life. The smile on the patient's face when they regain eyesight was one of the best memories ever!

I will be donating all of the video advertising proceeds to Orbis to help prevent blindness and restore eyesight for those less privileged. Donate via today to fight the Crisis in Sight! Together we can make a difference!