Flying the $5 Million Honda Jet – The Cheapest Private Jet?

I flew my first Honda Jet from Paris to Milan. Honda Jet is a light private jet with 4-5 seats and cost around $5 million which make it one of the cheapest private jet. It is like a Japanese car with every inch of space utilized. It even has a private bathroom. The plane is powered by GE Honda HF120 engines mounted on the pylon above the wings.

My flight is arranged by charter broker LunaJets; one of Europe’s leading charter brokers. The flight is operated by JetClub, which allows you to own a fraction of the plane. The owner can even fly in the Honda Jet to build jet hours! A cool concept for pilot training. We climbed to 31,000 ft and crossed the spectacular Alps in great weather. It feels very cozy with just me as the sole passenger.

After landing in Milan Malpensa, I rushed off to the main terminal to catch Emirates A380 to Dubai. This time, I flew in Economy Class. From private jet to the back of the A380 Super Jumbo. I experienced two unique flying experiences in one day!

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