Flying the World’s Last Passenger Boeing 707

What is it like to fly on a Boeing 707? This video shares my memory of flying on world's last passenger Boeing 707 flight of Saha Air in Iran.

The Boeing 707 is Boeing's first jet, designed in the 1950s, which is almost 70 years old. It was incredibly loud with 4 JT3D turbofan engines. The Boeing 707 left a long legacy for future airliners design especially in cockpit and cabin. You can still find many similarities in modern airliners. Flying on the original airliner; B707 was an absolutely thrilling experience.

My last B707 flight took my on an adventure from Tehran to Mashad. We took off with a typical shallow climb. The Saha Air B707 have simple interior with only open racks instead of overhead bins. A big group of Iraqi religious pilgrims were sitting behind me. They were chanting Muslim prayers during takeoff and landing. Saha Air B707 was converted from tanker and later after retirement of passenger service, they went back to serve as tanker again. There are large refueling observation windows onboard. Enjoy the B707 experience!