Mid Air Surprise on Etihad First Class B777 Flight

This video was filmed in early March from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles.

This is the longest flight in Etihad Airways network with flight time over 16 hours flying as North as 85 degrees, known as polar flight routing. Captain Bilal explained the Polar Flight operation and the critical timing of this ultra long haul flight.

Beside the usual Etihad First Class Suite product and amenity, the chef showed me how to cook a steak to perfection using the onboard oven. I enjoyed great dining and privacy in my First Class Suite.

After waking up from a nap, I saw the most incredible sights in the sky, our Etihad B777 was just 1,000 feet below an Emirates A380 also heading to LAX. We flew past the Emirates A380 eventually with some of the most spectacular air2air footage.