Flying with Scoot as “Air-pprentice” – What Passengers Don’t See!

I worked as an “Air-pprentice” onboard Scoot Boeing 787 flight from Singapore to Melbourne. Compare to my usual travel as a passenger, this is a totally different flying experience! Watch how I perform as a cabin crew!

Before the flight, I got to attend pre-flight crew briefing, learn the safety aspect of the flight, the operational planning from dispatcher and did some flight simulator training on the Boeing 787 with Scoot pilots. It was a full flight to Melbourne with 372 passengers. On the flight, I performed the pre-flight checks and greet passengers at door 2 left.

After takeoff, I serve passenger food and beverage. There was a lot of hard work to deliver services and handle unexpected situations. During the flight, we did “SCOOTITUDE” exercise, which is an engaging exercise to make passengers' experience more fun and enjoyable.

At the end of the flight, I was given my performance from the purser and my own thoughts about working as a Scoot cabin crew.