Has Kuwait Airways Changed? New A330neo Flight + Kuwait Visit

I traveled on Kuwait Airways recently to witness the transformation of the airline. I flew on their new A330-800neo from Dubai to Kuwait City. It was a night flight with rainy weather in Dubai and fog in Kuwait. During the flight, I explore both Kuwait Airways Business and Economy class products including the seat and food. Kuwait Airways is a dry airline.

I visited Kuwait Airways' integrated operational control center (IOCC) to see how an airline operates behind the scenes. Then I visited the cabin crew training center to see how the new crew are joining the airline after the pandemic. Next, I tried out the new inflight food. There’s also a Kuwait Airways museum gallery in their headquarter.

I interviewed Kuwait Airways CEO Maen Razouqi on the transformation of the state own carrier. It is not an easy task to transform. Previously it was functioning like a government department, the culture was bigger than the strategy. The airline needs stability and no political interference to succeed. I wish them luck and hope the blue bird will fly high and proud in the sky.

I flew out of Kuwait Airport Terminal 4 and reviewed Kuwait Airways’ Business Class lounge before departing. Have you flown Kuwait Airways recently? What are your thoughts and feedback on them?