The Last Boeing 747 – Final Delivery Flight

The last Boeing 747, a -8F is the 1574th built of a production run that has spanned 55 years.

Join me at the final B747 delivery Ceremony at Boeing Everett factory. Listen to Boeing’s current and former CEO honoring the “incredibles”, John Travolta talking about his love of B747 and Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr announcing the upgrade of their 747-8 cabins.

I spoke with Charlie Trippe Jr, grandson of Pan Am’s founder Juan Trippe and many Boeing employees who worked on the 747 line with their stories and emotions.

The last B747; Atlas Air N863GT departed Everett the next morning at 8:19am. She received a water cannon salute, followed by a quick takeoff with steep climb out. Then she performed a low flyby to say goodbye! Later, she drew a 747 and a crown in the sky!

Over the years, I have been fortunate to fly on the 747 a total of 282 times, with every model from the 747-100 to the 747-8F, from 747-SP to SR to SUD and Combis. There are many memorable ones….I picked some special 747 flights to share with you! 747 Forever Incredible!