How Die Cast Airplane Models Are Made? World’s Biggest Model Collection

I visited an airplane model factory in Southern China where airplane die cast models were made. The staff walked me through each process from polishing metal to painting and assembly. Just the pad printing process could be 200-300 times due to the fine details of airline liveries. Many processes are manual and require precision. It was an eye-opener to see how airplane models are made!

Then I met with Todd, one of the biggest airplane model collectors at The Airplane Shop. He walked me through some of the latest GeminiJets interactive series which feature open nose door on B747, flaps down and side cargo doors. Todd showed me some of his favorite models including American Airlines B747, Air India B747, Cathay Pacific Convair 880 and JAL Disney Sea B747-400.

Stephen Koulouthros, one of the biggest airplane model collectors with thousands showcased his collection in Panama. His collection includes a rare 1:3 scale Embraer 195. The video also included other collector’s models at the end to celebrate the hobby.