Factory New Boeing 777 Cargo Delivery Flight – Silk Way West

I visited Boeing factory in Everett, WA and got on the delivery flight of a brand new 777 Freighter of Silk Way West Airlines. In this vlog, I documented the Boeing delivery flight details onboard the world’s largest twin-engine freighter, the Boeing 777F.

The delivery flight started with dispatch inside the Boeing delivery center, with pilot briefing on weather and routing. I went onboard the brand new 777 cargo plane, discovering the massive cargo hold with 105 tons of cargo capacity. In front, there are 4 seats for supernumerary, a small galley, and crew bunk. It was different, no cockpit door, no flight attendant here to serve you…

Flight time from Everett/Paine Field to Baku was 13 hours and 5 minutes with 4 pilots onboard including a Boeing training captain. We were treated to a full moon rising not long after takeoff. As the sky got darker gradually, we were treated to another phenomenon, the northern light! It was beyond words.

During the flight, I chatted with the flight engineer about configuration and their work before delivery. Their work actually started 1 year ago before the plane was built! The pilot told me the new airplane needed to activate Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) in order to fly in the busy airspace. Silk Way’s B777F also needs to acquire ETOPS 180 minutes approval since the airline was only operating 4 engine B747. Before landing, I share about how to get on a delivery flight.