How To Survive Airplane Crash – Ditching, Fire, Jungle and Arctic

I visited Dynamic Advanced Training in Dubai, a comprehensive learning organization specialized in aviation safety and security training. I was put into good test on my aviation survival skills. First, I went in a hydraulic driven airplane cabin simulator to test with scenarios like heavy turbulence, smoke filled cabin, oxygen mask drop-down and crash evacuation. I was assisted by 3 qualified cabin crew friends of mine.

Next, I experienced survival in both jungle and arctic environment. The mock up environment is hyper-realistic. My lunch break was inside the private jet mock up cabin to practice how to serve my fellow passengers with McDonald’s BigMac and fries. Then, I went through fire fighting training and to cool off, I jumped into the pool for emergency ditching on water practice.

Thanks to Dynamic Advanced Training to provide me this valuable aviation training experience. For more info, please visit