What Really Goes On Inside The Grounded Planes and Engineering?

With so many aircraft being grounded during the COVID pandemic, in this video I discover the answer to how do airlines store and re-activate airplanes? I asked Etihad Engineering about the work it takes to store an airplane, protect the plane from heat, humidity, sand and dust; I also inquired into the processes involved in bringing a stored plane back to service.

Then I took a tour of the Etihad Engineering hangar, observing how the maintenance is done. A lot of behind the scenes repair and maintenance work goes on in the hangar. Finally I visited the airline workshop to see how they manufacture and repair seat covers, engine covers, toilet doors and bulkhead panels. A lot of work is carried out to make sure the planes are well maintained.

I asked a few questions on the future outlook of aviation engineering and the entry requirements for a person looking to get into aviation engineering.

Finally I would like to thank all the hard working ground staff and engineers during the pandemic, their work didn't slow down (it actually increased) making sure aviation remains safe and that standards are maintained.