Inside Biman Bangladesh Airlines

In this trip report video, part two of our adventure in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka and continuing on from our fabulous Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight on the Boeing 777-300ER from London to Dhaka via Sylhet, we take an exclusive and up-close look inside the on-the-ground Biman meal catering facility and factory as well as experiencing Bangladeshi culture, speaking with Biman flight engineers and, most importantly, meeting with you guys in a special Bangladeshi aviation enthusiasts’ meet and greet.

We experience the busy, chaotic and crowded nature of Dhaka, with its many market stalls, jostling crowds, crammed roads and huge clothing factories churning out millions of garments a year. We also take a fun ride in a human powered rickshaw and see some of the development that is taking place in Dhaka, especially the laying of brand new roads.

Inside the Biman flight catering center complex, which produces a staggering ten thousand meals and four hundred kilos of chicken curry a day, we take a fly-on-the-wall and in-depth look at each stage of the production of an in-flight meal. We visit the huge storage warehouse filled to the rafters with hundreds of litres of soft drinks and many tonnes of rice, flour, vegetables and other staples. Our first stop after this is the bakery where all of those delicious in flight bread rolls, Danish pastries and sweet desserts are produced. We also see the enormous food preparation area where mountains of diced vegetables await being expertly combined in to beautiful salads. After this introduction, we see the main engine room of the catering facility, the hot kitchen, with drums boiling 150 litres of water at a time and pots and pans fit for a giant’s kitchen! You’ll be wishing you could reach in to your screen and taste for yourself as you see the endless trays of curry and rice. We then see the final stages of the production line, with expertly disciplined staff portioning off the food to strict weight requirements, before the food is fast chilled, labelled and ready to be transported by truck to the next group of hungry Biman airline customers!

Our stomachs full, we enjoy a generous helping of plane spotting at Dhaka airport and meet one of the large group of female Biman engineers who take care of the aeroplanes in Biman’s huge hangar, constructed back in 1990, before moving on to the fan meet and greet with you guys – you really feel the love out in Bangladesh and I was so excited to be able to meet you all, to share in your passion for aviation and to make this great video celebrating Biman Airlines and Bangladesh aviation – thanks for everything!

A treat for the eyes (and the stomach!) we hope you enjoyed this two part Biman Bangladesh Airlines special!