Inside Europe’s Busiest Air Traffic Control – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is Europe’s busiest airport in terms of movements and top 3 in terms of passenger numbers. In 2018, it handled over 70 million passengers with over 500,000 movements.

I visited the Air Traffic Control Tower and Radar Center in Amsterdam to find out how the air traffic is managed in one of the busiest European Airport. The ATC tower controller explains all the working positions, runway configurations and movements inside the ATC tower at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. I was given a behind the scene tour and enjoyed some awesome plane spotting views up at 101m tower.

Then, I visited the LVNL Radar Center. A controller explains how the radar control work. In fact once the plane leave the gate, it will remain contact with the tower and many different area control till it lands and arrive at the gate. The visit gave me a great insight on how Air Traffic Control works in today’s crowded skies.

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