My ZERO-G Flight – Complete Weightless in Zero Gravity

I went onboard the Zero-G Boeing 727 flight to experience Zero Gravity.

The Zero-G specially modified B727 has a large open space in the forward fuselage. We took off from Las Vegas, and within 15 minutes we reached our designated airspace. The plane flies in a series of parabolic arcs so everything inside can be in freefall. I follow the instructor’s advice to lie on the floor while the Boeing 727 entered the parabola, you can feel about 1.8G while the plane is on a sharp climb.

When the Zero gravity moment happened, you can feel it in your body that you became weightless and began to float and flip. We have fun catching water droplets and catching candy floating around. Each parabola lasted about 30 seconds. We did a total of 12 parabolas on our flight before we return to land. This is the experience to feel like an astronaut and truly one of a kind experience!

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