Surprise from Lebanon’s Crisis – MEA Middle East Airlines A330 Flight

After arriving in Lebanon on MEA A321neo, I visited several fantastic tourist sites in Lebanon such as Jaita Grotto, Harissa and Byblos. There are a lot of self-made tour guides and content creators in Lebanon these days due to the economic crisis.

Lebanon isn’t exactly cheap to live, the prices just keep going up. The country is definitely not experiencing a golden age but all the people I have met on the trip are extremely hospitable, even though, it’s a tough time, they still want their guest to enjoy the most in their country.

After 3 days in the country, I returned to Rafic Hariri Int’l Airport in Beirut to fly out. Before departure, I visited the MEA Cedar Lounge. The lounge has been refurbished and has a nice settings and good tarmac views. I flew on an older MEA A330-200 to Dubai. We departed with spectacular views of the Beirut skyline and slowly the desert landscape of the Middle East came into view. Find out about the seating and service onboard MEA A330.

Lastly, enjoy the night landing in Dubai with the Air Traffic Control recording.