MEA – Middle East Airlines and Lebanon – Can They Survive?

I flew on one of the oldest airline in the Middle East - MEA, Middle East Airlines from Dubai to Beirut.

The flight is operated by MEA’s new A321neo. Follow captain Maxim on the takeoff from the cockpit. Check out MEA’s in-flight offering and what’s it like to fly onboard. Before landing, enjoy a spectacular approach into Beirut Int’l Airport.

After landing, I went to plane spotting around Beirut Airport. Watching a few MEA A320 and A330 takeoffs. Lebanon’s economic crisis is obvious, as there is no stable electricity supply. No traffic lights and very little light in the city at night. The difference between the official and black market exchange rates is almost 20 times. It is certainly cheaper for tourists to visit but can Lebanon survive the current economic crisis?

Next week, I will share more experiences as a tourist in Lebanon and whether the country is safe to visit. I flew out of Beirut on MEA A330-200.