The Darkest Hours of Russian Aviation – How will it Impact Air Travel?

From the airspace closure to rising oil prices, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has rapidly changed the landscape of global aviation.

Russian airplanes are blocked from the European Union, Canada, and US airspace. Western countries' airplanes can’t access Russian airspace. This has resulted in many hours of detour and led to many flights being canceled between Europe and Asia. There are serious repercussions on airspace closure.

Aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer have pulled back all services from Russia. Russian airlines were prohibited from buying aircraft, spares, and equipment from the West.

Sabre, which acts as Russian airline Aeroflot’s booking system, will no longer allow customers to book seats. Will all the sanctions and measures cripple and isolate Russia’s commercial aviation sector?

Expert Jon Ostrower and Kurt Hofmann explains in this video. At the end of the video, we pay tribute to Antonov An-225 Mriya which has been unfortunately destroyed during the war. My condolences to those who lost their lives in this tragedy. I sincerely hope peace will prevail soon.