The New Normal of Airline Travel – What’s Changed?

I’ve learned 5 ways that commercial air travel has changed since COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Airlines are retiring 4 engine, less fuel efficient big airplanes such as the B747 and A380.

2. As a result of lower demand and removal of B747 and A380, there are less or almost no First Class seats available.

3. Airplane are cleaner more than ever. There are strong emphasis on the hygiene of air travel at the moment. Do social distancing really work in the air?

4. We're seeing drastic changes in how the in-flight service are conducted. Some airline are downgrading the in-flight meal significantly. Hot meals and trays are replaced by sealed and pre-packaged cold snack box. I will discuss the different in-flight service standard of British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, ANA, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad.

5. Flying will be a necessity for those who needed, it won't be fun and easy as before. A lot of cumbersome paperwork, travel approval and Covid test are needed for international travel at the moment.